Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Good Life

There was a time, lots of years ago, when I first left my job to stay home with my son, that money was pretty tight. We’d been used to two salaries and it was a bit of an adjustment to live on one. I was a lot younger back than. (That “baby” is off at college now!) I didn’t mind living on boxed mac ‘n cheese or hamburger helper. I didn’t mind that our entire household was made up of mis-matched garage sale finds or hand-me-downs. I was young and skinny and looked good in jeans and cheap t-shirts.

Fast forward fifteen years. I’m 43 now. I have four kids: Jack is 18 and off at college; George is 13 and has lots of expensive hobbies; Kat is 10 and already wanting to keep up with the latest styles; and then there is 6 year old Lily, growing like a weed and needing new clothes every time I turn around. I’m tired of living in a mis-matched home. I’m not 28 anymore. Throwing on a t-shirt doesn’t get me out the door. I’ve learned how to cook and boxed, preservative-laden foods aren’t going to cut it anymore.

I shouldn’t have to give up the healthy lifestyle I want just to save money. Help me explore ways that I can keep my family — and myself — happy and healthy while staying on a budget!

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Tara said...

Glad to see you appreciate that healhty eating is an important part of life, unfortunately all too often it is one of the first things to suffer when money gets tight... looking forward to seeing how you deal with this :)